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dog training guides reviewTraining your canine is one of the easiest things to do if you know the basics of dog training. This is precisely where I found myself stumped. I did not want to hand over my Labrador retriever (Kaiser) to anyone, even if it meant that was a professional trainer.

The only option I had was to learn how to train my dog and then train him myself. This quest led me to the internet and I started reading a lot of reviews of dog training courses and books available on the internet. A few of these reviews helped me a lot in making my decision. Add to it the fact that all books and courses available on the internet came with a money back guarantee and my job was done. I could buy a book, read it and if I found it worthless, I could ask for a refund.

Dog Training Guides Reviews

I trust this review will help you too in making your decision. I will be discussing two different course here and I will tell you about the pros and cons of both so that you can decide which one is for you depending upon your needs.

The two best courses I found online are –

  1. Secrets To dog training from “The Kingdom of Pets”
  2. Dog Training Online from Dove Cresswell

The Secrets to Dog Training Guide

secrets to dog training reviewWhile all dog training courses pretty much covers the same topics, what was different was the mode of approach that they took. The Secrets to dog training guide took a detailed course like approach while the dog training online course took a “watch it as I do it” approach.

The secrets to dog training was by far the best dog training course that I could find online or, offline.The information in this guide was comprehensive and was clearly laid out for even the newest of dog owners to understand and implement it. You will be able to learn the techniques and obedience your dog in a very short time.

The guide had everything that you need to know about training your dog and also included some great bonuses on specific problems like “how to train an alpha dog”, “house training methods and tricks”, “dog grooming” etc. Some of the important topics that the guide covered included aspects about dog health issues, puppy leash training, dog potty training etc. You also had an option of directly contacting one the “Secrets to Dog Training” team members to clarify questions or, for consultations.

90% of the customers who used the secrets of dog training said that they were extremely impressed with the course content and the approach it took.

===> You can check out the Secrets to Dog Training Course here


Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online

Dog Training online was also an impressive course but lacked a lot of aspects that the “Secrets to dog training” addressed. The course specifically targeted dog training and covered a wide variety of aspects pertaining to dog training.

There were some interesting videos that was something that we liked because it made learning extremely easy and interactive. Once drawback of the guide that I personally found was that I was not able to relate to the content, maybe because of the style of delivery used in the guide.

Having said that, the guide included almost all aspects of dog training that you will ever want to learn about like potty training, dog obedience training, crate training etc. The techniques used in the guide were easy to understand and learn. Overall the course includes 7 chapters each covering a specific training or, technique. The videos included added a certain ease in learning the techniques.

===> You can check out the dog training online course here

Train your Aggressive Labrador retriever to Ensure Safety

aggressive Labrador retriever

Who does not like a friendly, loyal and fun pet? A dog is the best pet anyone could possibly have. There are several breeds of dogs that you can find out there. They are all different with their own characteristics. A very popular breed of dogs in the United States, UK and Canada is the Labrador. This is the type of a dog you would want as a guard to your house.

This is one of the several kinds of retrievers you can find, but is considered the most popular choice because of its sharp senses. Labrador retrievers are used by the police all over the world for their accurate and sharp abilities to detect bodies. They are also very athletic, great swimmer and obviously, the best protector.

Why Should you train your Aggressive Labrador retriever?

As good a gun dog the Labrador retriever is, it can cause real work to be trained to the level it needs to be brought. Aggressive Labrador retrievers may not be of as much use as they could be. It is very important to train them to ensure their best behavior. These dogs can show aggressive behavior towards other dogs and other humans as well. They can, in fact, cause a lot of damage to the owners if not properly taken care of.

aggressive Labrador retrieverYou might be satisfied of upbringing the dog that is friendly and docile, but an aggressive Labrador retriever is too unpredictable to be satisfied about. It might just attack other dogs or people if even the slightest things about them put it off. To save yourself from paying a fine and injury expenses for someone because you did not train your dog about how it should behave in public, you should consider spending a few dollars on training it good enough to ensure it will never do that.

How to train your aggressive labrador retriever to overcome aggression!

Help from professional trainers – To train your aggressive Labrador retriever, there are professional trainers you could take help from and ensure safety only for a few dollars. You easily find them over internet, in your nearest pet store or vet’s clinic.

Learn online – If too busy for that, there are lessons online that you can take to learn professional ways of training your dog. There are also many tips and tricks given by experienced owners on different forums, which could help you, train your dog yourself.

If your Labrador has ever shown a sign of intending to bite you, you should take immediate action by using an electric collar. Besides this, you could also start keeping a carrying stick with yourself. As soon as your Labrador shows you signs of aggression, you should not ignore it and take it lightly. You should let it know that you are not happy with the way he is behaving and convey a big ‘no’ to him on his behavior by tugging his collar. If you dog ever show you signs of fear, anxiety or acts scared, you should not pamper or pet it. You have to make it face its fears, which will eventually help it overcome it’s aggression as well.

If you do have an aggressive Labrador retriever at your house but love it too much to give away, you can try these ways to train it and make it get over his aggression.

Insights into an Aggressive Labrador Puppy!

aggressive labrador puppy

Labrador puppies are usually very playful, docile and friendly. However, some become unnaturally aggressive and need special training. Training an aggressive Labrador puppy is usually an easy task that would require basic things like a leash, toys and doggy treats.

When a Labrador puppy becomes aggressive, it’s usually because it is trying to protect itself. Aggression is a form of defense for the puppy. Training it will help it relax and follow your commands. If an aggressive Labrador puppy is not trained, it may carry this behavior to adulthood.

Aggressive Labrador Puppy Training

The first step in training an aggressive Labrador puppy is to determine the cause of aggression. You should always ensure your puppy is healthy since unhealthiness and sickness usually triggers aggression. You should visit the vet incase the puppy exhibits signs of sickness and aggression.

aggressive labrador puppyOne other major cause of aggression is the issue of dominance – between you and the dog who is leader. You should firmly cement your dominance over the puppy. If is feels there is no leadership or dominance, it will try obtain the leadership position for itself. Establishing yourself as the leader and showing it you are in charge will make it respect you and follow your commands.

During training, you should always reward the puppy for good behavior by a treat. As such, it will always associate its good behavior with a treat. However, if it behaves in a naughty way or it doesn’t obey you, punish it by taking something it likes away. You can also train it alongside other puppies. This way it might learn from the example of its peers.

You may also need to socialize it with people and other puppies and dogs. This helps in making it comfortable among them and won’t respond by chasing or biting them. You may need to keep it on a leash until it learns to be calm around others then let it loose in a controlled situation.

How to handle an aggressive labrador puppy?

Don’t try to manhandle the puppy as this will only fuel aggression. Incase it shows aggression, increase your contact with it and don’t show fear. If the puppy realizes you are afraid, it will continue being aggressive. It’s also important to make an observation and recording of situations that might have triggered this aggression and gradually expose the puppy to these fears one after the other until it gets used to them.

Labrador puppies are generally playful with lots of energy. This means that you should always ensure the puppy gets a lot of exercise. If it doesn’t, it might channel this excess energy to aggression. You should also avoid aggressive games such as wrestling with the puppy or tag of war. Instead play games like running or fetching.

Incase the Labrador puppy’s aggression persists; it is advisable to seek professional help from a dog therapist. They may be able to find out what the problem is and deal with it.

Training an aggressive Labrador puppy requires patience and dedication but once successful, it yields in a long-lasting bond of love, friendship, respect and obedience.

Dealing With an Aggressive Labrador!!

aggressive labrador

Dealing with an aggressive Labrador can be challenging to some people. Majority Labradors are not aggressive and are kept as family dogs in many parts of the world. However, this dog can become aggressive as a result of various factors. Dealing with this dog when it turns aggressive requires understanding of what is making it aggressive.

aggressive labradorSome of the reasons why a Labrador can become aggressive include being abandoned, being abused, temperamental defect based on the breed, among others. A dog that has been abused in the past may turn aggressive as a result of fear of other dogs or, human beings. Although this may appear like a severe problem that is hard to deal with, it can be resolved and eventually the pet become gentile. Nevertheless, this requires following of certain steps and knowledge of several things.

Know why your Labrador is aggressive

The first step in dealing with an aggressive Labrador is finding out the cause of this behavior. A common cause of an aggressive behavior is fear of something. Majority of pets that have an aggressive behavior have been socialized improperly with dogs or people. They are afraid of suffering a similar experience. They use aggressiveness as a defense mechanism or as an umbrella of protection. Excitement and fear are the major causes of aggressiveness in this pet.

There are cases when a Labrador can become aggressive in response to a dog or person who is also aggressive. There are times when a Labrador will growl to a person yelling during a television program. This is because in such cases, they want to offer protection to you since they take the person as a threat to them or a member of their pack.

Naturally, a dog becomes aggressive whenever it feels threatened. In fact, this dog can become aggressive after encountering a situation that seems scary. Nevertheless, after identifying the cause of aggressiveness in your dog, fixing this problem becomes easy.

Stopping the aggression in an aggressive labrador

Once you have identified the cause of aggression in your dog, it is now time to work on it. Some people try to punishing an aggressive Labrador when it displays this behavior. This is not the right way to remedy this problem. In fact, punishing a dog for this behavior can make it even more aggressive. Instead of doing this, try to identify the cause of aggressiveness in your dog and deal with it.

If it was abused in the past or abandoned, try to make it feel part of your family members. Avoid acts that can make it feel threatened. Instead, do things that make you friendly to it. There are also cases when a Labrador may become aggressive as a result of a medical condition. Punishing it in such times may worsen the condition.

Therefore, always deal with the cause of aggression and not punishing the dog. Perhaps, the best way of dealing with an aggressive dog is by rewarding it when it shows a positive reaction. Eventually, it will quit the aggressive reaction. Nevertheless, dealing with an aggressive Labrador requires patience and time for it to reform.

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